Susanna L Cromwell

Hawaiian Black Mouthed Tun

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Original hand-pressed block print.

Hawaiian Black Mouthed Tun

One day while at the beach, my friends eleven year old son came out of the water from diving and gave me a beautiful Hawaiian Black-Mouthed Tun(an endemic marine shell) and suggested I should "make art from it!" I did.

Printed on 11”x14” Cream Mayan Snake Plant Paper with hand-torn edges using archival oil paint.

Optional Framing
 12.25” x 15.25”
 15.25” x 18.25” Float Mount

  • Frame Measurements are Exterior with a 1/4" variance
  • Frames are craft from Poplar Wood
  • Each piece is hand crafted and as so will differ both in print(pattern placement, stamp texture, etc...) and in frame finish(wood grain, stain tone, etc...)