Susanna L Cromwell

Koa'e Ula over the shores of the Huialoha church - Kaupo, Maui - Made to Order



Limited to 12 prints - ***Last four prints are now available***

Oil based printing ink on Japanese Chiri Paper, hand embellished with watercolor and acrylic paint.

Framed in a handmade poplar hardwood frame by Reed Cromwell.

25.5 x 37.5 x 1.5 in. - Finish/Exterior Frame Size
24 x 36 in. - Paper/Interior Frame Size. 

During a trip to Hana the road closed down  causing my family and a few friends from the north shore of Maui  to stop for a few hours in Kaupo. 

We decided to spend our time waiting at the Huialoha church where we wandered down to the shore to lay on the warm rocks. While laying there a flock of Koa`e came and danced above our heads. 

I had wanted to create art based on the Koa`e for a long time but was waiting to really experience them in person first.

Having them dance above our heads during an unexpected delay with some of my closest people filled me with joy. 

I created this piece so that I would not forget that moment.




  • Each piece is hand crafted and as so will differ both in print(pattern placement, stamp texture, etc...) and in frame finish(wood grain, stain tone, etc...)