Susanna L Cromwell

Self Portrait

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“Self Portrait” as a child I stuttered a lot. I had trouble fitting in with peers , focusing,and getting suitable grades... but I loved art and I loved salamanders, and my dogs, and trees and bikes with my brothers and my parents said I was smart so I knew I was more than who I was in school... Like a sea turtle in and out of water I could be very different in perceived character so I would draw them in my notebooks in class. You see, I knew from a young age that like them, in the right environment I would someday fly.
This was an important one for me. The Honu is often the subject of art but it took me a while because I wanted to make sure that when I featured this being that I connected with I did it with respect not entertainment.

-Handprinted on lengua de vaca paper using oil relief ink

-12 original linoleum hand burnished and pulled prints in all (current photo is 6/12- if it is no longer available I am able to send a photo of the next available )
-Exterior size  -26.5 x19.75
Framed in a handcrafted hardwood poplar shadowbox by Reed Cromwell